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Las Vegas (Jan 8, 2019) - The Belgian-French startup Mimesys will present the international debut of its holographic collaboration technology at the Intel booth at CES Las Vegas 2019, the largest global gathering of innovation and connectivity.

Future of telecommunication

“We aim to do nothing less than to change the way people communicate and work together remotely”, says Davy Loots, CTO of Mimesys. “Using the capabilities of new devices like the Intel® RealSense™ Depth Cameras D415, laptops equipped with 8th Gen Intel® Core™ and Magic Leap One augmented reality headsets, we can bring the human element to a remote interaction like never before. We achieve this by capturing and displaying people as true, 3-dimensional holograms of themselves.”
The result is a natural way of interacting with someone remotely, as if they are present in the same space. A vision that has been conceptualized in science fiction for decades is now a reality.

5G network as enabler

The advent of new AR and VR applications, is driving the need for high bandwidth, low latency mobile networks. Mimesys’ holographic communication exemplifies the benefits of the capabilities that 5G brings. Low latency is crucial for natural human interaction and volumetric capture brings a large amount of data with it. Mimesys’ holographic collaboration was demonstrated for the first time in December 2018 at the operator Orange’s Show Hello event, highlighting technologies that are possible with 5G technology.

Powered by Intel® RealSense™

“Intel® RealSense™ technology is used to build products that enrich people’s lives through devices and machines that perceive the world in 3D. We are excited to see Mimesys use RealSense™ technology to push volumetric video into real-time applications”, said Sagi BenMoshe, vice president and general manager of the Intel RealSense Group.

A first commercial solution for professional collaboration

Mimesys will introduce a commercial solution in 2019 for businesses interested in improving the quality and engagement of remote exchanges between their employees in different locations. This solution will enable holographic face-to-face. “As the world is moving towards more flexible ways of working, we still don’t achieve the same engagement in human exchanges than we do in face-to-face sessions”, says Rémi Rousseau, Mimesys CEO. “Holographic communication will be a much-needed milestone in reducing the need for expensive and environmentally harmful business travels”.
Intel® RealSense™ Depth Cameras and laptops equipped with 8th Generation of Intel® Core™microprocessors are widely available and perfect for capturing the volumetric scenes together.

Experience holographic communication at CES

Mimesys will be presenting their experience at the Intel corporation booth, Tech East, inside the Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall booth #10048 at the Consumer Electronics Show® in Las Vegas, January 8 - 11, 2019.

Contact Mimesys:

Davy Loots
+32 477 523 982

Contact Intel:

Mikael Moreau
+33 158 877 229
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